Indra Menus Returns with European Tour: The Triangular Expedition

The noise artist Indra Menus, who lives in Yogyakarta, is about to start his third European tour, which will start in early October 2023. This is the third time he has shown off his musical skills on the Blue Continent.

Indra Menus, from a tour invitation to a full-on tour

The idea for this tour came from a request from Gamut Kolektif, a group in Zurich, Switzerland. Indra Menus was first asked to organize a show called “Labyrinth event,” but her trip has turned into a two-week tour of Europe.

Labyrinth Exhibition and Unique Curation: The Labyrinth exhibition on is unique because it gives directors. It chosen by previous curators, the freedom to choose themes and artists. Five Indonesian singers who are also artists were chosen by curator Indra Menus. They are Dea Karina, Ayash Laras, Sanjonas, Iqbal Tawakkal, and Annisa Maharani.

Beyond Exhibitions: Film Screenings and Talks

Indra Menus not only organized the exhibition in Zurich, but she also added to the story by showing the documentary “Noise is Serious Shit!” directed by Hilman Fathoni. This video gives you a deep look into Yogyakarta’s noise scene. The three-day event will also have talks about noise in Indonesia, a book show, and a live performance to end it all.

Promoting the Local Noise Scene Abroad: These carefully planned events show that the local noise scene is being seriously tried to be seen and supported on a global level. Indra Menus wants these interactions to help people meet, work together, and gain a deeper understanding of Indonesia’s lively noise culture.

Indra Menus experimental electronic music on the Triangular Tour

To make the tour last longer, Indra Menus will go on a trip through several towns in Switzerland, France, and Italy with two other experimental electronic musicians, Tzii (Belgium) and nur (Switzerland). The theme song, “Segitiga Tour” (Triangle Tour), is a good choice because it represents three musicians from three different countries visiting three countries.

“The Apostolic Archive” released as a single at the same time

Indra Menus will release a new song called “The Apostolic Archive” at the same time as the tour. This piece of music will offered in a one-of-a-kind format: a 3-inch business card CD. It will distributed through Mindblasting Records’ cutting-edge channels.

A History of Global Exploration: Indra Menus’s upcoming tour of Europe shows how dedicated she is to exploring the world and sharing cultures. In 2019, he started a successful tour with rapper Joe Million, who was born in Papua New Guinea. Since they started working together in 2018, they’ve put out three albums, gone on a European tour, and put on amazing shows at events like Synchronize Fest 2019 and Pestapora 2023.

Beyond Borders: An Early Leader in Noise

Indra Menus’ musical trip goes far beyond the borders of one country. Whether working with the Jogja Noise Bombing group or going on trips by himself, he has explored the sounds of Asia, Australia, and Europe. He has made a name for himself in the noise scene and as an author as well. He has written two books about noise and another that collects his insightful works on music.

Help from Noise Bombing and Maternal: This European trip, which shows Indra Menus’ artistic vision. He get important help from Noise Bombing and Maternal. This shows how the global noise community works together and helps each other. As Indra Menus takes the stage again, he wants people to join him on this intense and boundary-breaking musical journey.



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